… In order for a member to become eligible to be placed on the IER (Industry Experience Roster), the member must furnish proof of 100 days paid work in a specific classification on any combination of projects, union or non-union within three years from the date of the application, or proof of 30 days paid work on an organized [union] production in a one year period). Applications for IER placement must be submitted to CSATF (Contract Services Administration Trust Fund) and must be supported by payroll and production records and/or employer letters verifying employment. CSATF processes applications for IER placementand determines IER placement eligibility.

International Cinematographer’s Guild - IATSE 600 Membership Book

A little light reading for this Sunday. I should be doing homework, but instead I’m looking at what I need to do to join the Local 600 Union. Just a little future-casting, you know. 

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